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17 December 2007 @ 08:34 pm
Will/Djaq series:#1Barn-House Love  
Title:Will/Djaq series:#1Barn House Love


"Will,can I have a word?"whispered Djaq,the saracen.

"Sure,what do you want to tell me?"replied Will.

"A word in private,"Djaq pointed out,"Please."

Will looked around the barn they were stuck in,filled with the gang,anyone could listen in here.

"Yeah fine,"Will told her,"but where?"

Djaq,instead of answered,took hold of Will's wrist and pulled him over to pick up some candles in the corner where all the outlaws stuff was laid scattered about.Then she lead him to a ladder and told him to climb up it.He did as he was told and Djaq followed.He took his place on a hay bale while Djaq lit the candles,so they could see,and placed them on scrapes of old,rusty metal around the floor and them took her place on a hay bale across from Will.

"So what do you need to tell me?"

"Well...urm...I wanted to...urm...tell you that.."

"Go on"

Djaq to a deep breath and Will was now,clearly not listening like men do,looking at his feet like he had just found out what they are and that he had found out that he had a pair.

"That there is one I love more than the others."

Will's head shot up bearing a confused face.

"What...what do you mean?"Will nervously asked Djaq.

"I mean that I love someone a lot more..."

Will interrupted and said"I know that but I mean what are you tring to say?"

Djaq again took a long time to answer,breathing slowly.Will on the other hand was preparing himself for the worst.What is she is meaning Allan or Much,His mind was telling him.

"I just wanted to say that now we are probably going to die here,that I wanted to get some thing of my chest,"Djaq finally replied.

"Go o..."

It was Djaq's turn to interrupt now.

"I am trying,not sucessfully so I...I will get to the point that,"There was a pause and Djaq deeply inhaled yet again,"I love you"

Djaq stared at Will,Will stared back and then said,"really?!"


Will broke out into a laugh but the Djaq asked him what wrong then he calmed down and stood up and then sat next to Djaq,"It's just I love you too and I never thought you would love me too."

Then he stopped and looked strait into Djaqs eyes,"I feel like I am going to kiss you."

Djaq rolled her eyes and said,"me too."

They kissed.


Next issue is called Under the Mistletoe.