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12 November 2007 @ 05:23 pm
My fic that i wrote is here:
Charaters: Will and Djaq
Ships: Will/Djaq

this story isn't that good.You can find it here

Will looked around the familier forest.Same Place.Same surroundings.Will bent down,back over the wood he was cutting.He thought to himself,he loved his old job,he loved helping Robin and the other outlaws fight the Sheriff but most inportantly he loved Djaq. He remeber when he first met her, she was in a cage with the rest of the prisoners;He didn't love her then but he does now.

Will went back to cutting his wood.He had inproved a lot in carpentry since he became an outlaw.His dad was going to be proud of him.Wills mind was full with thoughts,his dad,his brother Luke and his Auntie Annie down in Scarbourgh, life here in Sherwood Forest,what his dad would say about Djaq.When Suddenly, Will knew someone was behind him.Was it Gisborn or the sheriff?Will thourght Quick;He grabbed his axe and turn around.It was Djaq.

"Sorry"Will explainded,"I thourght you were Gisborn or the Sheriff."
"Its alright"she replied,"you have got to be careful."Will thought he was going to faint,Djaq, everytime he saw her and got to know her better the more he thought she was beautiful.
"There is something I need to tell you"Will said quickly, he knew it was time to tell her the truth,how he felt about her.
"There is something I need to tell you too,Will"Djaq was standing close to him now,closer than she had ever been before.
"You first,"Will knew she had to be preppared of the news he was about to tell her.
"Will,I know."Djaq explained,Will knew she was refuring to the big news he was about to annoce."I know about you being unwell.I know about you not eating.You have to eat or else you will grow too weak and you will have to stay in your bed all day.When you grow too weak your body will start shuting down.If you don't eat you will die."
"I know but I can't do anything about that,"Will murmued.Djaq looked at him, she too was in love with him.She looked at his eyes,golden brown.His face,full of sweat and his hair,just a big old mess but she liked it.
"You have to.Robin needs you,Allan needs you, the rest of the outlaws need you and I too need you,"Djaq annoced.She turned around to start walking back to camp when Will put his hand on her shoulder.
"I will try,"Will explained,"I need to tell you that I..."Will's hand had slipped of her shoulder.there was a crash of blades Djaq turned around just in time to see a sword go right through Will's back all the way out of the front of his body.Djaq could not see the culprit but when she ran to see if Will had survive she saw the culprit; Gisborn.
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theshrub_elinetheshrub_eline on December 30th, 2007 06:42 pm (UTC)
it's good really good tell me will is still alife please!!!